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Multiscreen Ad formats

Create more valuable inventory with a multitude of effective cross screen video ad formats.

Demand Manager

Offer your video inventory to relevant programmatic demand sources and direct buyers.

Insights And Control

Get facts and insights down to ad placement level and regain control over your inventory.

Multilevel Reporting & Analysis

Have direct and real time access to all campaign data. Analyse and make smarter and faster decisions.

Increased Revenues

Maximize delivery and yield by competing demand sources in a unified ad decision process.

Quality Control

Secure quality control and assure advertisers you deliver human traffic and visible video ads only.


Depending a.o. on the number and volumes of your web titles and further requirements, we will help creating the ideal setup. If you don’t have the capacities and resources to manage things yourself, then simply become part of the VMG Network and we will do so for you.

Making sure the ad format scripts you implement will be correctly configured and monitored.

Sell campaigns programmatically through the VMG Open Market place or offer VMG Exclusive Campaigns.

Automated monthly payments; you don’t have to do anything.

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With our comprehensive modular platform account you can build your own PMP with all required modules. Set up your inventory with multilevel placements and floor price management. Choose from multiple video ad formats and benefit of our comprehensive modular platform. Self serviced or managed by VMG


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