Ad Formats


InPageVideo is an innovative, responsive and highly effective out-stream video advertising product. Whether horizontal, vertical or rectangular by aspect ratio. Always playing in the heart of website articles on any device or platform: desktop, mobile web or in-app. Thus enabling publishers to generate video advertising revenues without the need for video content. At present InPageVideo is the most successful online video advertising format for advertisers and publishers. Which makes much sense, considering the elegant and natural way InPageVideo commercials unfold and positions itself within the heart of the content. Only playing when in view of the user. And the user always being in control on Sound On/Off.


Mobile users not willing to tilt their phones, force advertisers to go vertical. InPageVideo ad format adjusts itself automatically and can play video in vertical, rectangular or traditional horizontal dimensions. Note: Wach this demo on your smartphone only


Traditionally known as pre-roll video, also available in mid- and post-roll versions. On landing the video starts playing automatically. InstreamVideo provides for user initiated actions for entering and exiting the Full Screen Mode as well as for Sound ON/OFF.


Pushing down the content and starting from the top of the page. the video will start playing automatically. Pushdownvideo is a high impact video ad format suitable for almost all website pages. Like InPageVideo it also only plays in screen and can be closed by the viewer.


Is an adaptation of the InPageVideo Ad Format. It essentially brings prolonged VTR (View Through Ratio) of the advertiser’s video ad. The StickerVideo unit expands on the same position as InPageVideo. But as the user scrolls further down the page, the StickerVideo player detaches itself from the original ad slot. It then moves to the bottom right of the page and keeps on playing in that position. The detached StickerVideo player is smaller by nature and floats over the page like an overlay. When the user scrolls back up on the page, the player then returns to the original InPageVideo ad slot. The StickerVideo ad unit works similar on desktop and mobile devices. However, on mobile devices instead of moving to the corner, the video ‘sticks’ to the top or bottom of the mobile web page, depending on user scrolling up or down on his mobile device. The player can always be closed manually and the sound is user initiated.


Interested in the VMG Network and InPage adslot, but no video available? No problem with the VMG Native Ad. You can now advertise with native ads just using text and a static image. It’s also possible to add a click to play video to the native ad instead of a static image to bring your message across even better.